Night Light Lithophane

Night Light Lithophane

Lithophanes are the amazing 3 dimensional porcelain transparencies. 


As light shines through the varying depths of the etched porcelain panels, they come alive with remarkably detailed images.


The amazing porcelain artworks that come alive when lit from behind.
They captivate your heart and soothe your soul with their breathtakingly intricate 3-dimensional images.


The porcelain panel is gently curved, which allows it to wrap around the bulb so the bulb is not as visible from the side, as it is with the flat night light.


The curvature also illuminates the panel more evenly across its width.

Mounted on a durable night light socket with on-off rocker switch, the night lights are known for lasting many years.


Energy efficient, (they use only 7 watts of power) they safely and effectively light up a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or hallway at night.


The soothing warm light they emit creates a peaceful and ethereal ambiance that is truly magical!